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Home Locomotives K1 62005 K1 Blog Saturday 9th March 2019

Saturday 9th March 2019


Decent progress at Carnforth last week. One of us there Tuesday and Wednesday (increased to 2 late afternoon each day) five on Thursday, two on Friday, 4 on Saturday (boosted to 8 for an hour or two after the PTS course had finished) and 3 on Sunday.

After last week's successful hydraulic test the boiler was drained and prepared to be lifted onto it's side. This involved removing one or two bits so that nothing got damaged as the boiler went over. West Coast over saw the lift on Wednesday. This was done after the hired crane had reunited Scots Guardsman's boiler and frames. Our lift was straight forward and was completed early afternoon.

Since then all of the 60 defective roof stay nuts have been removed and about half replaced. The ash pan securing pins have all been cleaned ready for trial fitting of the refurbished ashpan, a start has been made on preparing the header for refitting the elements and the dome cover has been removed so that we can remove the "J" pipe (it was evident that the "J" pipe/steam pipe joint had a minor leak when we did the hydraulic tests).

Away from the boiler we have drilled the fixing holes in the new ash pan top flange. Six of these will need to be slotted before the ash pan is trial fitted later this week. Further progress has been made with the seemingly endless job of painting the coupled wheels and frames (only the top coat on the RH driving and trailing coupled wheels and a few bits of detail to do now) the tender front repaint is progressing after completion of a platework repair to the bulkhead, the injector flanges have been prepared for reassembling the injector pipe work and a start has been made on making the new gaskets we will need for the boiler and back head fittings.

Working parties this week will be on Tuesday afternoon/evening, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The aim this week is to trial fit the ash pan, finish the boiler work so that it can be lifted upright and steam tested next week, finish painting the RH coupled wheels, refit the coupling and con rods and to carry on with the reassembly prep (making gaskets, annealing pipework etc). The boiler cladding sheets are also due to be shot blasted by a contractor this week. We will need to get a coat of primer on to these as soon as they have been shot blasted.