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Saturday 31st Marrch 2019


A satisfactory week at Carnforth last week.

3 of us there on Tuesday evening and Wednesday, 5 on Thursday, 4 on Friday and Saturday.

While we had a late finish on Tuesday we did get the boiler lit up (at 23:30) which enabled the steam test to proceed over Wednesday and Thursday. This went very well with no problems that could not be dealt with at the time. The boiler is now scheduled to be reunited with the frames on Thursday this week.

After the steam test the boiler cooled very quickly (no lagging) so on Saturday, we were able to drain it, remove the bottom doors and plugs, the hot water washout valve and studs and the grate in preparation for Thursday's lift. The steam pipe blank and manifold boss blank have also been removed.

In addition to the work on the boiler the spray pipes have been refitted to the ash pan and the ash pan fixing cotters have been made. We have also glossed the inside of all of the boiler and back head cladding sheets - the cladding was shot blasted both sides last week (we immediately primed the inside faces and West Coast primed the outside faces (with two pack primer)).

On the frames we have done a bit more cleaning, completed the fitting and securing the side rods and motion - in best Grosmont report tradition the little end nuts were tightened to torque setting DFT using a flogging spanner and a big hammer.

A new TPWS direction switch has been fitted (with a length of flexible conduit being replaced in the process) the sands delivery and steam pipes have been refitted as have the leading sands filler pipes - this included the replacement of one sheared stud (the replacement being kindly donated by one of West Coasts scrap class 47s).

This week working parties will be on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The aim on Wednesday is to fit as much lagging and cladding as we can before the boiler lift on Thursday. After the lift we need to crack on with the reassembly as time is most certainly not on our side.