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Saturday 6th April 2019


Another satisfactory week on the K1's at Carnforth. 3 of us there on Wednesday, 5 on Thursday, 4 on both Friday and Saturday.

The boiler is now back in the frames, the lift went very smoothly. The only down side is that we did not get as much of the lagging and cladding on as we would have liked before the lift. We have however pressed on with this since. Most of the lagging is now in place and we should finish this and have all of the cladding back on before next weekend.

Other work done since the lift is fitting all of the saddle bolts, replacing the smoke box concrete, refitting both clack boxes, the gauge frames, the TPWS driver's control unit/speedo bracket, tea tray, slacker valve and graduable steam brake valve. In addition the 'J' pipe, now repaired, has been refitted. As the removal and refitting of the 'J' pipe required the regulator rod and stuffing box pulling back, this gave us the opportunity to die pen the end of the rod. No flaws were detected.

Working parties this week will be on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The plan is to get the regulator back in, finish the lagging and cladding, fit the manifold and cab and replace as much of the back head fittings and pipework as we can. As the loco is not currently on a pit refitting the hopper doors etc will have to wait for now.

In addition to the work we will be undertaking this week, West Coast will start fabricating the new steam pipes.