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Thursday 11th Appril 2019


Frosty start at Hopetown, but Paul Mason soon had the fire warming the place through.

First job to get some bollards out to reserve space for Sue Smeaton with the NYMR truck which was to return the axle boxes, then next door to borrow the engine hoist from Ian.

Next job to tidy up all of the tools which had been left lying about and to sweep up as much dirt as possible. Arthur cut some cardboard cylinder covers to keep out further dirt.

  • Les continued thickness testing the boiler.
  • Tim Williamson managed to fit his bolts in the saddle.
  • The font draw hook was taken to Flavell’s by Steve Hyman to be built up with weld and machined back.
  • The rear draw hook was dressed by Arthur and painted by Colin.
  • The 2 welded springs by the door have been moved to the welding bench for opening up.
  • James and Derek cleaned the paint from the eccentric straps two and three.

Bill Dobson arrived mid-morning and we found him a wheel to secure the smokebox door of our T2. After a visit to the museum, he returned to Whitby to paint said wheel.

Sue arrived with the axle boxes at lunch time. These were unloaded, the engine hoist returned, and she returned with Barnie’s verniers.

Arthur, John, Tim and Paul spent the afternoon sorting out the Bridgeport.

I spent my time countersinking the T2 makers plates and searching for 3/8 BSW countersunk Allen bolts to cut to size.

Cake with tea in the afternoon.


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The overhaul of J72 No 69023 Joem is being supported by a restoration grant from the Association of Industrial Archaeology.