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Thursday 25th April 2019


A rather relaxed day at Hopetown yesterday, with just nine of us present.

I spent the first hour showing Owen Plummer, an architect from Purcells, who have been appointed to undertake the Historic Building Survey at the Carriage Works.

Paul Mason lit the fire, Colin Smith got on with cleaning a little more scale from the saddle whilst Allan Wilson made tea. Arthur and John continued machining the V blocks for measuring the frames. We were joined later by Steve Johnson and Derek Shorton. Steve helped Arthur whilst Derek continued stripping the paint from the eccentric straps. Allan took over from Colin when he had to go. Colin Bowman came during the afternoon and reminded me that PAT testing is due shortly. I replaced the key cabinet on the wall, then spent the afternoon continuing the deep clean started by Allan a week earlier. There’s still a lot more to do.

Les Coughtrey wasn’t able to attend yesterday, but will be coming on Monday for more NDT. If you are available on Monday then I’m sure that Arthur will be able to find you a job.

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