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Home Locomotives K1 62005 K1 Blog Saturday 27th April 2019

Saturday 27th April 2019


The loco is essentially ready for its first in frames steam/functional test. It is currently in the paint shop at Carnforth but will be shunted out today (tender painting completed but loco in primer). We are going back over Saturday afternoon to light up and steam test on Sunday 5th.

Provided the steam test does not reveal anything which would prevent the painting work continuing to completion the K1 will go back into the paint shop on Monday/Tuesday. We will be allowed access after Wednesday to complete the reassembly. The insurance hot and mainline functional exams are now programmed for Monday 13th of May with a loco and support coach test run to Hellefield and back on the 15th and the move North on the 16th. The loco's first rostered Jacobite duty is on the 19th May.

Before the test run the loco needs to be weighed, but owing to the extremely tight timetable we are now working to, West Coast are to carry out this work on our behalf (probably on the 14th May).