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Home About NELPG Committee Reports Report of Board Meeting held 11th March 2019

Report of Board Meeting held 11th March 2019


Minutes of the meeting of NELPG Ltd

7.30 pm, 11 March 2019

Middlesbrough Municipal Golf Centre

Present: Chris Lawson (Chair), Bill Dobson, Colin Foxton, Nigel Hall, John Hunt, Paul Hutchinson, Martin Lloyd, Roy Marshall, Richard Pearson and Richard Wheeler.

Matthew Whitehurst and Bev Cooper of Jelf were present for the discussion on insurance renewal and were welcomed to the meeting by the Chairman.

1. Apologies for Absence –there were no apologies for absence.

2. Declarations of Interest – John Hunt declared an interest as an employee of West Coast Railway Company (WCRC) and Richard Pearson as an employee of the A1 Trust.

3. Annual Insurance Renewal

The Jelf Insurance Renewal Report was discussed, resulting in a number of revisions and questions as detailed below:

3.1  Engineering Machinery Damage - The sums insured for the locomotives were increased to £600K for both the K1 and Q6, to £400K for the J27, and £250K for the J72. Jelf would assess the premium impact of these changes and of an increase in the electronic equipment sum insured to £60K, although this sum is included in the K1 sum insured.

3.2  Breakdown and Revenue Loss cover was questioned (and further discussed when Matthew and Bev had gone). Last year’s experiences with the Jacobite and subsequent claim were cited as an example of why this aspect should not be included. However, the subsequent discussion resulted in the Board agreeing to continue to include it. The cost represented one day’s K1 hire fee on the Jacobite and any mechanical failure of the locomotive could have a significant impact on income at a time when this needed to be maximised for its next overhaul. The risk was felt to far outweigh the cost.

3.3  Commercial Combined – it was agreed to continue with the insurance of Deviation Shed, in line with the terms of the 1979 ground lease with the NYMR. During the subsequent discussion it was advised that Chris Henwood, the self-employed contractor at Carnforth, does not have his own insurance. Jelf had previously said that if that was the case, then he could be added to our Employers Liability cover as a named individual. This would be done.

3.4  Engineering Inspection – it was agreed to stay with Bureau Veritas.

3.5  Directors’ and Officers’ Liability – Matthew would confirm whether this also covered Responsible Officers.

3.6  Business Car – it was agreed that the annual mileage should be increased to 18K. The postcode for overnight is now TS13 5BG.

3.7  Under 18 members – Matthew had given the Chairman a questionnaire in relation to these members. The Chairman would check with the Junior Volunteer Co-ordinator that we meet all the requirements, and confirm the position. Action: Chairman.

3.8  The Chairman would confirm insurance renewal details with Matthew and request the impact on premiums. Action: Chairman.

Richard Pearson left the meeting at this point (8.32pm).

4. Locomotive Update

4.1 K1 – The repair work was still behind schedule, although volunteer numbers had picked up mid-week. Paul Hutchinson had set a self-imposed target of trying to complete repairs within £50K, but it would now be necessary to ask for more work from WCRC to help catch up. Paul confirmed that even with this extra work, he expected the final cost to remain within the original £75K budget. Paul had got an indicative figure of £22K for the supply and delivery to South Devon, for storage until needed, of new tyres for the K1. It was agreed that, given the fluctuation in prices, tyres should be ordered (within an agreed budget of £25K) now, to avoid rising prices in future. It was confirmed new tyres were not required for the Q6, J27 or J72. Bill Dobson would confirm the position in respect of the Q6 tender tyres. Action: Paul Hutchinson, Bill Dobson.

4.2 Adam Dalgleish had estimated that a new tender tank for the K1 would cost some £35K. It would be prudent to arrange several quotes for the work, based on an agreed design. It was agreed to commission the design work with Adam Dalgleish at an estimated cost of £2.5K. The copyright for the design plans would be held by the Group. Action: Paul Hutchinson.

4.3 Martin Lloyd had brought the documentation pack for the Jacobite workings to the meeting. The Secretary offered to review the documents and requested electronic copies. Action: Martin Lloyd. The reviewed copies would need to be available by mid-April. Action: Secretary.

5. Minutes of Previous Meeting – The minutes of the 11 February meeting were agreed, subject to an amendment to paragraph 7.1.

6. Matters Arising Not Covered Elsewhere

6.1 It had not yet been possible to discuss with WCRC a fee increase for the Jacobite for 2019. Action: Paul Hutchinson.

6.2 The Chairman asked for any further comments on the draft Collaboration and Hire agreement with NYMR to be with him as soon as possible. Paul Hutchinson said he would be providing comments. Action: Paul Hutchinson.

Paul Hutchinson left the meeting at this point (9.12pm).

7. Finance

7.1 The Monthly Finance Report had been circulated by the Treasurer. The following points were discussed:

7.1.1    The Treasurer had a number of proposals for the allocation of funds across the Group’s bank accounts. These proposals would be set out in writing for Trustees to consider. Action: Treasurer.

7.1.2    The Fundraising Sub Committee had suggested a further change of name to the NELPG Financial Strategy Committee and draft ToR had been circulated. Comments were requested by the Chairman. Action: All. Martin Lloyd asked that membership conditions and formal reporting to the Board should be included. Action: Chairman.

7.1.3    The Treasurer had arranged a training session with Ribchesters on the Sage accounting software. It was agreed to examine the available options. Cost centre reporting was essential, it was agreed.

7.1.4    The Allan Toomer legacy was discussed. The Fundraising Sub Committee had expressed the view that this should be invested in an Endowment Fund with other legacies, so as to earn steady income for the Group. It was confirmed that funds had been set aside to allow work to continue on the J72 in 2019. A meeting would be arranged between the Chairman, Fred Ramshaw, Neal Woods and Nigel Hall, to review the action plan for the overhaul. Action: Chairman.

7.1.5    The cost comparison company which had offered a three-year fix for our energy costs for Hopetown had gone into administration. The current contract with British Gas would therefore continue.

8. Trustees Annual Report and AGM Supplement

8.1 The Secretary had issued all sections of the AGM Supplement except for the Accounts which the Treasurer had circulated separately. All sections, including the Accounts, were agreed, but a number of areas needed to be reworked in the light of the following:

8.1.1    No motions had been received, so section 7 would fall. However, the Chairman proposed that plates should be fixed on all 4 locomotives to record ownership by NELPG – this was agreed. Action: Chairman.

8.1.2    Martin Lloyd had decided not to seek re-appointment. Richard Pearson was willing to stand for re-appointment. In addition, in order to help even up the numbers of Trustees retiring by rotation each year, Roy Marshall had also volunteered to stand down early and seek re-appointment in 2019 (one of Bill Dobson and Colin Foxton would do so next year). Finally, a nomination has been properly received for Nigel Bill. These proposals were agreed by the Board and the Supplement would be revised accordingly. Action: Secretary.

Date of Next Meeting – 8 April 2019

The meeting closed at 10.06pm.