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Thursday 16th May 2019


A better day than last week at Hopetown. No need to light the fire.

I didn’t get in until folks were gathered around the workbench with the morning cup of tea. Colin Smith again brought conversation to an end and forced people back to work when set about the cab floor area with a needle gun.

Arthur and Maurice continued machining the spring hanger bolts. There appears to be a fitting problem with half of the ends in the existing springs. M Machine delivered the pair of springs which they were going to machine, reporting that the metal was too hard for them.

Myself, Allan, Derek and later Colin Bowman did a little gardening. Most of the brambles and roses hanging over the wall into Hopetown Lane have been tidied back. The track has been tidied for the velocipedes at the Museum classic car rally on Sunday, but the shunting area and pound could do with some more attention next week.

Paul Mason is sorting through the buckets of old nuts, bolts, washers and strange finds. Some important looking shims and spacers have been discovered.

Roy brought in an electrician to look at the job of replacing our 56 lights with LED fittings. We look forward to his estimate. He spent much of the afternoon chasing replacement fittings for tools, including a trip to Aycliffe.

I managed to get a gloss coat on the various bits on the paint bench, and a pink undercoat on the rods and remaining big end strap.

Many questions were asked about the K1 test run yesterday and the scheduled trip to Fort William tomorrow. No first-hand information available. However, there is an empty stock movement 5Z62 booked to leave Steamtown at 06:18 Friday on Real Time Trains. More recently has appeared on the web.



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The overhaul of J72 No 69023 Joem is being supported by a restoration grant from the Association of Industrial Archaeology.