North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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Wednesday 5th June 2019

Ian reports a fine cloudy day with some bright intervals at Grosmont today, with Bill Dobson, Jon Bradley, Paul Jameson and Ian himself. Kettle on and the usual cuppa and a piece of coffee cake specially made by Paul’s wife Maggie - a real treat. I missed out again!

The T2 had been stopped on Monday lunchtime with a broken right intermediate spring which was changed on Tuesday. Barney provided a list of other smaller jobs to do today, which Bill, Paul and Ian got on with, while Jon got on with the seat he was constructing around the stove. He also got a coat of paint on the seat and backrest. The jobs on the T2 were to repair a steam leak on the pressure gauge union at the manifold, the reverser indicator in the cab was very slack and needed attention, and the righthand injector delivery pipe in the cab was leaking. Paul shimmed the reverser indicator and repaired the leak on the pressure gauge union at the manifold. Bill repaired the righthand injector delivery pipe. Ian found that the righthand intermediate cork was missing again. This has been giving trouble for quite some time, so, a week ago, Ian shortened a step stay bolt to see if that would solve the problem. Obviously it hadn’t, so today the bolt was put in upside down which has a flat head and doesn’t protrude down very far. The engine was moved around the yard a few times and the cork was still in situ and not sheared off. Fingers crossed that it has been finally sorted.

Lunch was had outside Deviation Shed today alfresco. Bryan Orange arrived after lunch to assess with Paul Jameson the changes needed to the fire exit doors, and also with Luke, the NYMR's electrician, regarding new LED lighting in Deviation Shed. On the Railway, the J27, Black 5 Eric Treacy, No 926 Repton and D7628 Sybilla were in traffic. The S160 was in the MPD Running Shed on No 5 Road and lit up this afternoon for a steam test tomorrow.

There will be no working party next week, 12 June, as neither Bill, Ian, or Jon are not available.