North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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Wednesday 3rd July 2019

A glorious sunny day at Newbridge yard today with Nigel Bill, Jon Bradley and Ian Pearson assisting Barney Casey MPD mechanical Foreman to connect engine and tender together.

We arrived at Newbridge at 9am , the engine and tender were in the yard awaiting being shunted together. Both loco and tender had arrived yesterday afternoon and off loaded. We had to wait a while the standard tank 80136 was was being prepared for service, so we settled for a cuppa and sat and enjoyed the morning sunshine. Once 80136 had gone the T2 tender was shunted onto the pit and secured with hand brake and wheel chocks. Then loco was brought onto the pit and connected to the tender with the drawbar pin and safety pins put in and secured. Barney secured the water ,vacuum and steam heat hoses together, while we pulled up the big drawbar nut with me on the large ratchet spanner underneath the tender, Jon ,Nigel and Steve Elliott (charge hand) pulling on the rope until I could get the locking plate and cotter on and secured with a split pin. The job was completed by 12 noon. Barney went back to Grosmont; we stopped at Newbridge with boiler about 3/4 full of water. Nigel put a warming fire in. The tender was quite low on water so the hose was put in. Then the locomotive was oiled up ready for it trip back to Grosmont tomorrow. We had our lunch about 13.45 at Newbridge yard in the hot summer sun.

After locking the cabins up at Newbridge we returned to Grosmont and had a coffee in the station caffe and then up to MPD and Deviation shed. A quick natter in Deviation shed and another cuppa then it was time to go. Nigel and I with some of the shed staff called into the station hotel for pint of ale on this hot afternoon; it was lovely!