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Thursday 11th July 2019


With no Boris and Jeremy road show in town this week to distract folks, the usual suspects showed up again at Hopetown on an oppressively hot and muggy day. I was not able to attend on Monday, but Steve Hyman assured me that good progress was made then. Daisy have found and fixed the phone line problem without needing access to the building; we can again receive and make calls via 382155.

Paul and James Swainston came in on Wednesday with a Faro arm in order to measure the frame and horn geometry.

On Thursday, Arthur Jenkins and John Jones got on with the machining of the spring hangers. Arthur managed to use the engine hoist to invert the ash pan for the construction and fitting of a damper spark arrestor. The machinists also managed to load one of the springs onto the milling machine to see if machining the hanger slot could be made any easier. Colin Smith continued to prepare the lower cab area for painting. The front flooring between the tanks was removed but the back flooring left in place for safety. Allan Wilson and Derek Shorton prepared the wheel axles for a coat of primer. Outside myself Roy and Dave Wright continued the battle against the brambles. Unfortunately the fight has been lost around the yellow waggon.

Interesting incident watched / heard through the brambles beyond the compound gate when a car didn’t turn left at Ladbrokes, but went counterflow through the one way system. No matter how many lights flashed, horns honked, expletives shouted, fingers and fists waved, on, on, onward he drove turning left to complete the circuit. Take care, there are nutters on the road!

I needed to leave early – there was too much of interest on the roads of stage 6 through the Vosges to make do with the highlights programme. Thanks to Roy and Arthur for minding the shop and locking up.


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The overhaul of J72 No 69023 Joem is being supported by a restoration grant from the Association of Industrial Archaeology.