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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Wednesday 14th August 2019

Wednesday 14th August 2019

Ian reports that although theT2 was working on the NYMR, and J27 working on the Wensleydale Railway (and the K1 on the Jacobite) Billy no mates was at Deviation Shed on his own.

Frank and John from the S160 team were using the workshop whilst Bryan Orange was involved with interviews for an apprentice fitter with the shed manager. Ian spent some time looking for a 19/16” superheater expander requested by Darrin Crone for the header of Sir Nigel Gresley, but unfortunately we hadn’t got one. Ian phoned Darrin and put him in the picture, offering 11/2 & 15/8” but these were of no use to him.

After lunch, which was had in Deviation Shed as the weather was miserable and showery, Ian cut 2 new gaskets for the J27 safety valves just in case they are wanted at the weekend, but Bill thinks we should leave them alone, as we have done a similar exercise on the Q6 and the valve is still feathering. Ian also put some items together for other work on the J27 such as valve packing and ejector cones.

Dame Vera Lynn is now standing on the pit on No 7 Road where work continues, to include by the JVs, on stripping it down.

Ian will now not be available until the first week in September so, unless any urgent work is identified and someone else is prepared to act as RO, there will be no working parties until 4 September. A note will come round to confirm that date nearer the time.