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Thursday 22nd August 2019


The Thursday sessions have started up again after a week’s break. 7 of us in yesterday.

Sessions are going to be more difficult to manage now as we have lost a keyholder’s services after Steve Hyman suffered an injury whilst working on the Wensleydale Railway. Get well soon Steve.

Whilst I was involved with the J27 injector problem at Wensleydale some weeks ago, Arthur reported:

John Jones carried on with the spring hanger bolt marathon in the centre lathe with me supervising him.

Maurice Bell took on another marathon, sorting the many twist drills we have around us in the machining area. Scrapping some and regrinding others. I helped him when I wasn't working with John.

Colin Smith continued work on the tender tanks paintwork and later could be heard needle gunning something in the cab area.

Alan Wilson, Dave Wright and Derek Shorten undercoated the axles and various eccentrics. (They have now been glossed NFH).

It was very warm in the building even with the sliding doors open and the other doors, 29deg.C most of the time.

Yesterday Colin Smith and Allan Wilson managed to get a gloss coat of paint on the lower part of the cab. We may apply a second, but we ought to be able to start the final preparation work and to paint the area between the frames. Shelving unit was erected and the nuts and bolts trays stored there next to the paint cupboard. Dave Wright helped sorting the final batches. Colin Bowman managed to replace/repair the main switch on the milling machine which had broken two weeks earlier. Maurice Bell continued tiding he machinists cupboard. Harry Sams did a bit of welding, I continued with the cleaning of the foundation ring.

Neil from “On Site Casting Repairs” came to look at J72 casting on his way back to Rochdale from Grosmont this afternoon. He’s been busy repairing the Q6 RHS cylinder after a hydraulic incident. (Yup, the Q6 has been broken.)  Ian Storey had seen him at Grosmont on Wednesday afternoon and suggested that he called to examine the J72 casting.

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The overhaul of J72 No 69023 Joem is being supported by a restoration grant from the Association of Industrial Archaeology.