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Thursday 5th September 2019


Summer is over. Though we didn’t need the fire, there was a bit of a nip in the air this morning.

Colin Foxton attended first thing. We think that we have tracked down the telephone line problem.

John Jones continued with machining the spring hangers. Maurice Bell, Harry Sams and Arthur Jenkins butchered part if the woodworkers trolley to make a stout probe which could dislodge scale from the foundation ring. By the end of the day, Henry the vacuum cleaner was feeling quite full. Dave Wright managed to clean up the cylinder block for dye penetration testing. He also managed to strip the lagging from the steam heating pipes for hammer testing. Colin Smith managed to get another coat of paint on the cab floor, then he and Allan Wilson and myself cleaned most of the inner frames for painting. Colin Bowman came in the afternoon to pursue an electrical job. He’s looked through all of the torches and batteries, and will get some replacement torches and bulbs during the week.

The previous week, whilst most of us worked with similar tasks, Harry had made a start on preparing the ashpan for construction and fitting of spark arrestors.

I returned an ejector/brake assembly to the brass store from Grosmont. This was the ‘original’ J72 brake which had been fitted to the J27 and had developed a leak between internal passages. We need to consider how this might be repaired.

Several tubs of blackberries were picked. If you feel the need too then you’ll have to be quick.

We had a visitor, who I recognised from his visit to Deviation Shed yesterday, in to see the J72. He looked for a number on Malcky’s shunter too. He’d been to the Museum and was about to visit Shildon.

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