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Home Locomotives K1 62005 K1 Blog Tuesday 17th September 2019

Tuesday 17th September 2019


The K1 completed its work on the Jacobite on Saturday. The loco gave very little trouble while in Scotland and carried out all of its rostered work, earning over £100,000 (gross) in the process. Many thanks to all those involved in making this happen.

As mentioned in Chris's e-mail the loco is now on the NYMR arriving last night after a two day journey from Fort William. The loco ran pretty much to time for the whole trip with no significant problems being encountered.

The loco was examined this morning when the right hand driving axle spring was found to be broken. This was immediately changed by the NYMR's fitters.

No other significant defects were found on this mornings examination but I do intend to do a few jobs to the loco before it enters NYMR traffic.