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Thursday 3rd October 2019


A working party of 10 turned out after last week’s break for the gala. Autumn is here – first day that a fire has been lit. It’s past St Michael’s day (was Sunday), when the devil spits on the blackberries, so no more brambling.

I was met at the door by Ian Schofield of Dalestest who was here to undertake the testing of the fixed electrical wiring in the building. Ian managed to work around us most of the day, with the most disruptive tests carried out at lunch time. He spent much of the later afternoon trying to track down a long standing neutral-earth fault associated with the emergency lighting which had baffled us for a while. Ian thinks that he has found the cause. Amongst the follow up work, Colin Bowman, who liaised with Ian, is to change several old emergency light fittings, and Roy Marshall is to progress the replacement of the rows of lights above the fire and work bench area. After that Ian will return to carry out the checks on the lighting.

On Monday, whilst Arthur and John continued with the machining of the spring hanger bolts, I applied epoxy resin sealant to the walkway area prepared a 109 days earlier. However, we only had enough material to cover this area. More will be needed for the rest of the defects in the walkways. Today the prepared areas of the walkways were carpeted before any more oil could be trodden into the concrete. Is there no end to the luxury of the Hopetown workshop? Derek Shorton continued to prepare other damaged areas of the walkways with a cup brush.

Whilst I wiped some of the dust off the tanks and loco frames, Colin smith took a needle gun to some heavy scale found in the rear stretcher. He managed to prime this area too.

Dave Wright managed to clean up the three shorter steam heat pipe sections which Neal Woods had hammer tested on Monday, Paul Mason and myself managed to clean and degrease the three cab floor top plates and Dave then primed these and the steam heat pipes. Paul Mason and myself managed to run die nuts down and taps through all of the buffer beam nuts and bolts. Nuts are to be threaded onto the bolts for storage. Replacement bolts will need to be ordered to replace those ‘unfastened with a grinder’.

Paul Mason has brought in a box of tools which he has acquired, including a reciprocating electric saw. He tried this out to cut up a pallet for fire wood. Can we restrict further firewood butchery and sawdust generation to the area outside, or if really too cold, to the woodworkers bench area.

Harry Sams made himself useful with several small jobs. However he needs more specific guidance as to what to do next regarding the ash pan spark arrestor. Arthur Jenkins and Maurice Bell managed to continue with the machining of the spring hangers. However, their day was disrupted by the need to allow Ian to test the 3 phase fittings and later to search for the emergency light fault.

At lunch time we had a visit from Bob Grey who had transported some rags on behalf of Paul Mason.

Mid afternoon we had a visit from a railway enthusiast who had been turned away from next door.

Roy Marshall arrived mid-afternoon, liaised with Ian Schofield, and prepared himself for a 17:00 meeting with Ian Storey and Neal Woods – who arrived shortly before that time.

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