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Thursday 10th October 2019


11 of us at Hopetown on Thursday.

We welcomed a new volunteer, Norman Wells, to the working party. He and John Jones managed apply a dye penetration test to the front of the cylinder faces.

The machinists Arthur Jenkins, John Jones and Maurice Bell who were joined later by James Piercy continued with the spring hangers. The heads have all been shaped now, ‘just’ the suspension pin hole to bore. Colin Smith and Allan Wilson went over the interior frames with an orbital sander. I later managed to apply ‘Lady Penelope’ pink undercoat to the fire box cavity. The rest of the interior frames will be undercoated next week. Dave Wright applied a gloss coat to the steam heat pipes and cab floor panels. He and Derek Shorton managed to clean up and prime the black head cladding and arch. I needed to pop out to the dentist and the museum so missed the middle of the day activity.

Colin Bowman, with Harry Sams had found and fixed the low flow problem in the downstairs water heater on Wednesday. Today Colin changed the plugs on our 240 volt halogen spotlights to 110 volt, and replaced the halogen bulbs with 110 COB LEDs. Colin had also been in on Tuesday to babysit the BV 6 monthly slings and chains inspection. He reports all was OK except for one sling which was missing. It is purple sling no 856513 rated 1ton. If you have taken this or misplaced it, or find a sling with the wrong coloured tag then please do not use it, but place it in the quarantine box. If you find/know anything about this sling then please tell Colin or myself.

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The overhaul of J72 No 69023 Joem is being supported by a restoration grant from the Association of Industrial Archaeology.