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Thursday 17th October 2016


11 of us at Hopetown today, plus a visit from a new volunteer, Ted Bolam. It was 4 degrees outside, but 10 degrees within the workshop. We lit the fire, but requirement was marginal.

Bureau Veritas had inspected the lifting gear last week. Their report indicated that 3 minor faults required rectifying: a missing bolt from the pull-lift casing and missing identification stamp marks on 2 lifting eyes. Harry Sams stamped the lifting eyes, but on dismantling the pull-lift case discovered that the missing bolt was actually just a locating pin. No fault to repair.

Arthur Jenkins and John Jones continued machining the loco spring gap. Lots of fun playing with the engine hoist to lift the springs on and off the milling machine. Dave Wright and Derek Shorton wrapped the original insulation back onto the steam heat pipes painted last week. However, there was no more glass fibre webbing in the store. Can anybody remember where we obtained the previous roll? Derek also glossed the backhead cladding. Alan Wilson, Colin Smith and myself continued to apply the pretty pink undercoat to the inner frames. Only the lower half of the slide bar cavity to complete next week. Colin Bowman converted the pair of double spotlights to 110 volt operation. Andy Bell and Norman Wells cleaned and dye penetration tested the eccentric straps. No problems found so far.

I spent about an hour in the morning showing Ted Bolam and Norman Wells around. However, I had left the wad of induction checklist forms on the desk at home, so couldn’t complete that part of induction. We now have quite a few bits of paper involved in induction. I’d suggest that I arrange printing of several sets which are then bagged into individual envelopes – just as we do for operational document packs. The envelope will serve for the return of signed copies. These should all go to a single officer. How many sets should be at Grosmont for new volunteers? How many sets in the support coach? Should the worker ID ICE dog tag be in the envelope too?

The front door has ceased to make a “bing bong” noise when it is opened. The intruder alarm system is plainly detecting the opening of the proximity switch. One wonders where the noise went. Can anybody remember it being present last Thursday after the power outage on Tuesday/Wednesday night?


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The overhaul of J72 No 69023 Joem is being supported by a restoration grant from the Association of Industrial Archaeology.