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Thursdays 24th and 31st October 2019


Well, 13 of us made it to Hopetown today – do or die – despite the breakdown under the railway bridge. We were joined for a short while later in the morning by Steve Hyman.

It’s been 2 weeks since I reported. Last Thursday was Len’s funeral to which I had intended going instead of Hopetown. I managed neither, spending most of the day in bed with the lurgy. Arthur reports:

Maurice liaised with Andy Bell and then finished off the brass spindle for the steam heat valve that's been ongoing for a while. Afterwards Andy worked on assembly of the valve. While waiting for Maurice to finish the spindle Andy relocated the 2 J72 pistons to the pallets storage area then moved the storage racking that's been near the signing on bench to the corner near the woodwork bench. After finishing the spindle Maurice went on to make a phosphor bronze plug for the Q7 that we've been trying to get made for a while. This now needs the flats milling for the spanner hexagon. There are quite a few milling jobs in the queue now which we will be starting on in the next couple of weeks after the loco springs, which John Jones and I continued with today, are finished. The last spring is now on the miller ready for next Monday night.

Colin Smith spent the morning between the frames undercoating where it was needed. Norman Wells and Eddie Bolam continued dye penetration testing the eccentric straps then started cleaning the R/H cylinder cover to prepare for testing. Derek Shorten, Alan Wilson & Dave Wright kept busy painting, smashing up pallets that had been dropped off for firewood and tidying up as necessary.

We had a visit from Richard Pearson in the afternoon. Colin Bowman joined us late on.

On Monday we had a visit from Terry Newman.

Today we needed to get the fire going to take the chill off the workshop.

Arthur Jenkins, John Jones, Maurice Bell and James Piercy managed to finish milling the springs. Another major job completed.

Colin Smith and Dave Wright managed to get a second coat of pink undercoat on the grubbier bits between the frames. Dave, Derek Shorton and Allan Wilson managed to cut up another pallet for firewood. Derek managed to clean down the front running plate and flap ready to start priming next week.

Norman Wells and Eddie Bolam continued dye penetration testing of the cylinder covers. They discovered 2 cracks in the face radiating outwards from two bolt holes. However, when the edges were checked the 5 hole pattern of the stitcher’s handiwork was found. So, no new problem, but reassurance that the testing process had re-discovered these old cracks.

Andy Bell reassembled the steam heat valve, but needs a tiny spring to complete matters. I wonder if the Grosmont stores stocks such items, or whether to order a few from a spring specialist.

Harry Sams managed to fit the small ejector valve to the ejector assembly. He thinks that a special washer may be missing.

I’d hoped to get some of the self-levelling screed into the holes in the walkways later in the afternoon, but failed. Arthur, John and I will tackle this on Monday evening.


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The overhaul of J72 No 69023 Joem is being supported by a restoration grant from the Association of Industrial Archaeology.