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Thursdays 7th and 14th November 2019


Autumn really is upon us and the fire is needed to keep warm. Twelve of us in both days, though Monday evenings are a bit thin on the ground.

On 7th we had a visit from the Marlowe fire engineer who tested all the smoke detectors, crash panels and emergency lights. All OK. After lunch the wind got up from the east and blew the smoke back through the fire. The smoke detectors and line to the alarm receiving centre were triggered again. We needed to open door to let the cold wind blow away the smoke.

Most of the holes in the walkways have been screeded over, one more tin to spread before we can paint.

Norman Wells and Ed Bolam completed dye penetration testing if the eccentric rods with no flaws found. Dave Wright and Derek Shorton have now started replacing the paint on the rods. Having obtained some glass fibre webbing, Derek and Dave insulated the steam heat pipes that they had painted after inspection. They have also got some black primer on the hinged section of the front running board.

The machinists are now busy with the holes in the new spring hangers. Maurice Bell’s phosphor bronze rodding hole plug has now been fitted to the Q7 in the museum.

After some small springs were obtained, Andy Bell was finally able to finish reassembling the steam heat valve. We now need steam to test it!

Between the frames, Colin Smith, Allan Wilson and myself are well on with the red gloss.

Colin Bowman has started cleaning down and applying aluminium primer to the various crinoline components removed from the boiler.

Norman Wells went through the buffer beam bolts. Some of these have been removed with a grinder and will need replacement. Some of the bolts attach the buffer beam to the frames and transfer the drawbar load to the frames. Some of the threads have seen better days and both nuts and bolts would be better scrapped and replaced. He’s also looking cab attachment bolts to assess suitability for reuse.

I’ve left a list of components on the clip board which could be cleaned, refurbished, measured painted and returned to the component shelf if there’s no other priority work.

Colin Bowman tells me that Ian Schofield will be coming on Thursday 21st to inspect the fixed wiring to the lights.

I needed to leave early as my little white van wa being picked up to take its final journey to the 1861 engine shed.


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The overhaul of J72 No 69023 Joem is being supported by a restoration grant from the Association of Industrial Archaeology.