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Plans for winter maintenance


I had planned to clean the K1 tomorrow ahead of it hauling our members special on Saturday, however, it will now be in use on the Railway tomorrow so Angie and I are going over on Friday.

We are aiming to start at 10:00 and will clean everything but the cab (which we will return to do on Saturday morning).

We will be starting the K1's winter maintenance programme straight after our members special (quite literally).

After the K1 has been disposed following working our train on Saturday I intend to remove the valves - much easier to do while they are hot.

The first full winter maintenance working party will be on Tuesday next week when it is planned to empty the boiler water, remove the mud hole doors and w/o plugs, remove both pistons and both cross heads. This will necessitate the removal of the con rods as we need to keep the loco movable. It is then planned to wash the boiler out the following day - we will do this rather than imposing on the NYMR.

The valves are being removed for cleaning, examination and possible re-ringing. Likewise the pistons are being removed for cleaning and examination but will certainly need new rings. The cross heads are to be re-metelled.

The cold boiler insurance exam is scheduled for Friday 8th Nov by which time all doors and plugs must be cleaned for inspection, the safety valves must have been removed stripped and cleaned for inspection and all work identified to the boiler, doors, plugs and fittings.

There is however, no major boiler work currently planned this winter although the arch will be replaced as will approx 20 roof stay nuts.

Other mechanical work to be undertaken at Grosmont will be examining and replacing as necessary the tender brake pins and bushes and checking and replacing as necessary the hornstay bolts to the driving wheelset.

Any work to side rod bushes will be undertaken when all rods are removed to facilitate tyre turning when the loco returns to Carnforth in February next year.