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Sunday 6th October 2019


There was 4 of us at Grosmont on Saturday and 5 on Sunday.

On Saturday 2 (Ian P and Trevor W) worked on improving the gate across the end of the pit in Dev Shed and the other 2 (Chris H and I) replaced the K1's smoke box door seal, adjusted the graduable steam brake inlet pipe (between the manifold and brake valve) cut a new LH expansion bracket securing plate cladding sheet to size (the old one went missing over a year ago) adjusted the front screen on the blast pipe spark arrester and lit up the K1 for steam test the following day . We also recut the LH injector steam valve seat and lapped the corresponding valve head in, on the Q6.

In addition, when he had finished working on the gate in Dev Shed, Ian prepared the Q6 for lighting up (it was to work the diner the next day).

Sunday's working party was Angie, Les H, Ian P, Ken M and me.

Most of the day was spent on the K1 although we did put a wreath on the Q6, in memory of Len Clarke, before it worked the diner.

The K1 was steam tested to check the pipework that had been reworked the day before (which was satisfactory) and to investigate a reported leak on the vacuum chamber side. Whilst this was also satisfactory, being well above the minimum FTR requirement, there is a very minor leak somewhere between the vacuum lock valve and the vacuum lock its self. This will be investigate further when time permits.

Other work undertaken was the replacement of the timber packing behind the rear ejector exhaust bracket, finishing, trial fitting and painting the cladding sheet cut to size on Saturday, the engine and tender greased round, trailing axle box wedges checked and adjusted and ash pan swilled out.

At the end of the day we removed the wreath from the Q6 when it got back from working the diner. Unfortunately the loco came back with a broken spring. This was changed by the NYMR today.