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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Wednesday 9th October 2019

Wednesday 9th October 2019

A mild, mainly fine, day yesterday at Grosmont with one heavy shower after lunch and Paul Hutchinson, Angie Buxton and Bill Dobson present.

Ian Pearson and myself joined them just after 11.30.

On the T2, Bill was busy taking the L/H injector steam valve out which was replaced and lapped in by Paul. Angie replaced and lapped in the R/H clack. Bill was cleaning cab fittings, smokebox hinges and door fastening wheel.

I washed up the pots and made tea for lunch which was had in Deviation shed.

After lunch Ian removed the new bottom bar from the pit access gate so that I could hacksaw off the threaded ends, rub it down and give the bar a coat of paint. A second coat will be required next week. The base of the gate post which was moved by Trevor Wilford on a previous week also needs a cement fillet round the base - another job for next week. I also checked that the rear fire door was opening properly. Ian did some oiling up on the T2, removed water contamination from the brass boxes and lit a warming fire in preparation for its possible use today. On the K1, a new L /H expansion bracket cladding sheet was given a second coat of gloss paint and fitted by Paul. The steam supply pipe was lagged by Angie who also put the Radio and TPWS/OTMR batteries on charge.

Securing clips were made, painted and fitted to the through air pipe pressure gauge pipework, speedo flexible conduit, and vacuum chamber pipework by Paul. He also took home the drivers seat bottom cushion for repair which he did last night, and was intending to take it back to Grosmont and refit it today.

The J27 was in the running shed on 28 day wash out and is unlikely to be rostered again before the end of the operating season. However, it is down for the Northern Lights Express and Santas from Pickering to Levisham during December.

In the end, the T2 was not required today as S15 No 825 went to Goathland on a successful test run last night and was rostered for the dining train instead. The B1, 76079 and Eric Treacy provided the steam services yesterday, while No 29 was running up and down the bank with a brake van and weltrol carrying a very large military gun - doubtless practising for the War Weekend activities this coming weekend. The B1 and class 25 ran to Battersby in the evening for driver training and refreshers.