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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Saturday 19th October 2019

Saturday 19th October 2019

Ian reports that he was at Grosmont on a soggy wet yesterday, with Paul Hutchinson, Angie Buxton and Richard De Sadeleer.

Paul and Angie worked mainly on the K1, firstly repairing the smokebox front screen. The steam pipes in the smokebox were sealed with high temperature sealant and, in the cab, the ashpan spray valve handle was painted and the small ejector valve handle bolt refitted after it was found to be missing. Paul skimmed the T2 steam heat valve head on the workshop lathe and passed it on to Ian who ground it in a bit more and then refitted the whole steam heat valve back on the side of the clack box in the T2 cab.

Lunch was had in the comfort of the Support Coach. After lunch, Richard cleared the debris around the pit water pump (thanks Richard, saved me a job on Wednesday and rather you than me!). It made an enormous difference, removing the water rapidly. He then fitted the repainted pole to the bottom of the gate on the north side of No 7 Road to prevent any small child falling into the pit. Ian asked Paul to check his fitting of the steam heat valve, when he noticed that the L/H gauge frame drain valve was turned slightly oblique to stop it blowing by, and remembered it had been booked for repair. Ian then stripped it down, removed the old Klinger packing and the spindle, to find that the spindle had a small defect near the drain hole with a small amount of metal missing. He found some spare drain valves in the storage area above the workshop, about 5 in all. One of these was cleaned up and a new Klinger packing was obtained and the valve and packing fitted.

Although it was raining for most of the day there were quite a few visitors around. Locomotives running yesterday were B1 No 1264, Black Five No 5428 Eric Treacy, and GWR King No 6023 King Edward II, along with diesel 7628.