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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Saturday 16th November 2019

Saturday 16th November 2019

A gloomy and intermittently very wet day yesterday with the full silence of the railway and landscape in its winter closure!

However, despite the absence of MPD staff on "official business" along with some of the regular Saturday Working Party members, a goodly team of NELPG faces were present. Neal Woods and James Pearcy were the engine working party contingent, assisted by apprentice Bryan Orange. Andy and Joan Lowes, with Arthur Jenkins, were present to kick off the 2019/2020 Young Persons Development Group workshop training programme.

I delivered a winter season starting safety briefing to all of the MPD Juniors, emphasising the Competency focus which our friends in ORR have currently taken after a marked increase in safety "incidents" on Heritage Railways nationally. After Arthur shouted "foul", cups of tea were quickly produced by yours truly to steady his and others nerves!

Unfortunately Oliver Barker was taken poorly on Friday evening so was a "knocker" yesterday, but NELPG youngsters, Luke Perry, Findlay Brown, Tom Readman, Adam Dangerfield, Matty Smith and James Clark were ready and waiting to start!! James and dad Richard Clark were attending for their first Working Party.

In the morning, Mike McPeake and Howard Heath delivered the MPD Safety training course in the MIC room to Andy, Joan, Arthur, James, Richard and Matt. Apparently Matt saved the day when difficulties were encountered with Mike's Lap Top being unwilling to show his PowerPoint presentation. All the other Juniors present today had already received this training previously.

Luke, Tom and Adam assisted Neal and James with removing the brake blocks from the K1 tender and removing 2 brackets from the loco. One bracket was measured up and painted. The other bracket was scrapped due to corrosion and a new one will be manufactured at Hopetown.

A photo of the MPD Juniors with Arthur, Joan and Andy is attached enjoying lunch around a rather hot Pot Belly stove.

Lunchtime at Deviation Shed on 16 November 2019 - Bryan Orange.

In the afternoon all of the youngsters except Findlay departed to the MPD Workshop with Arthur, Joan and Andy to cut off all of the raw materials for their mallet manufacturing task, except Findlay who assisted James P with the remaining work on the brackets under the K1.

Neal and I started to service the K1 cylinder relief valves and drain cocks. The RHS relief valves were ground in.

We had to start to close things up about at around 1540 hours because the MPD is locked up at 1600 hours in the winter when no trains are running.'

Thanks to Mike McPeake and Howard Heath for delivering the latest MPD safety briefing induction course.