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Thursday 21st November 2019


Eleven of us in today. The frost had abated, but only 4 degrees inside the building. The fire was lit to take the chill off the place.

Ian Schofield came in to test the remaining part of the fixed wiring. We needed to work around his need to switch off circuits for testing. He’d finished testing by the end of the day and will submit a report to Bryan.

Colin Smith and Allan Wilson finished the red gloss coat on the locomotive frames. We will apply a second coat as the red pigment is rather weak. Derek Shorton got a coat of red gloss on one side of the eccentric rods. I got a coat of black gloss on the front running board.

DerekShorton painting the eccentric rods - Ngel Hall

Norman Wells continued checking through various bolts and running tap or die nut down where appropriate. Andy Bell serviced the other steam heat connector valve.

Arthur Jenkins, John Jones and Maurice Bell continued machining the new spring hanger bolts. The first finished bolt was trial fitted, but questions about the degree of rocking required arose. Richard Pearson gave Arthur advice after lunch.

Arthur Jenkins trial fitting a spring hanger bolt - Nigel Hall

Arthur Jenkins and John Jones setting up the Bridgeport miller whilst machining a spring hanger bolt - Nigel Hall

At lunch time myself and Arthur gave a briefing about the Darlington Railway Heritage Quarter and the discussions on Tuesday regarding the NELPG reaction to the tentative plan. As we were finishing, Richard Pearson joined us with his fish and chips.

Colin Bowman, Derek Shorton and Hugh Pannel painted the north side walkway covering the new screed which had been laid over the worst bits. The south walkway will be painted on Monday evening. The building is already looking smarter.

Colin Bowman painting the walkway - Nigel Hall

On locking up we found that our afternoon tea boy had fallen down on his job and had left the dirty mugs on the tea tray in the mess room. Colin’s hands were cleanest so he washed up – thanks Colin.

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