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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Wednesday 11th December 2019

Wednesday 11th December 2019

As I was unable to get to Grosmont yesterday because of over running decorating works at home, Ian Pearson reports it was a fine, cold, slightly overcast day at Grosmont, with Bill Dobson, Steve Hyman, Nigel Bill, Ian McCall, Jon Bradley, Ian Pearson, and also Nik Proctor later on, working on the T2, whilst Paul Hutchinson, Angie Buxton and Les Harper concentrated on the K1, joined later in the afternoon by Chris Henwood. The dogs Zac and Tonk were also present.

After the stove was lit, with cups of tea all round there was a discussion of how best to remove the brake cylinder from underneath the cab, a difficult challenge with a very heavy piece of metal in a very awkward position. Removal was very much a team effort with Nigel, Steve and Ian M in the pit doing most of the awkward work, heating the cylinder and knocking wedges in to get the cylinder moving downwards, while Bill and Ian P assisted from above with a couple of 8’ sleepers and the lifting trolley which, eventually, was manoeuvred underneath on the timbers . But before that, a 50 ton jack was used to take the weight of the cylinder while the nuts were loosened further down the studs. In the meantime, Jon was up on top of the boiler disconnecting the regulator linkage. The linkage pin was removed, labelled and put in a box in the workshop with the regulator quadrant.

A well earned lunch was had around the stove, having laboured long and hard to get the brake cylinder ready for removal. After lunch, it was back into the pit for Nigel, Steve and Ian M to carry on with the cylinder removal. Bill suggested that Ian P should start removing the cotter from the piston head which had been removed last week. At this, Nik Proctor, came up from the MPD and offered to remove the cotter. This took longer than anticipated as it would not move using a hammer and punch so had to be drilled out - thanks Nik. Eventually, the brake cylinder was lowered onto the hydraulic lifting trolley and gently moved out from underneath until we could get a strop around it. With the the lifting frame in position, it was lifted out clear of the engine. The piston was then removed from the cylinder. By then it was well after 4pm, so time to clear up, wash the pots and go home.

On the K1, the team fitted the pressure and vacuum gauges (except for the steam chest pressure gauge), the right leading tender brake table link (this link having been fitted with a new bush), tender brake blocks, fuseable plugs, cylinder cover nuts and cylinder cover cladding. Fitting the con rod and valve gear split pins was also completed. The LH return crank taper pin hole was reamed and a new taper pin fitted.The last job was to remove the new RH cross head top slipper in order to increase the clearances between the slippers and the slide bar.

Paul had hoped that the engine could have been ready for a steam test on Saturday but there is too much still to do. He now aims to carry out the steam test on Tuesday next week.

Down at the MPD the J27, S15 and Repton were having a steam test and check over ready for the weekend's Santas.