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Satrurday 14th December 2019

Apologies for the delay with this latest report, but Ian and Paul report a cold fine day at Grosmont on Saturday with a T2 team of Nigel Bill and Ian with Paul, Angie Buxton, Les Harper, Chris Henwood and Mike Bloomfield (and Tonk the dog) working on the K1.

The stove was lit to keep everyone warm and, after a cuppa, Nigel and Ian decided to split the T2 engine and tender. This will allow the regulator rod to be removed once the K1 leaves Deviation Shed. The drawbar locking plate was removed and, with the aid of a couple of cleaners from the MPD, the large ratchet spanner was put on the drawbar nut . With them pulling the rope the nut was soon loose enough to allow removal of the main drawbar pin. After the large split pin was removed, the main drawbar pin was knocked up and out, and the two safety link pins removed. All three pins and the locking plate are in a fireman’s side locker.

Lunch was had around the stove, with Tonk looking on mournfully! Bill called in briefly before lunch and arranged with Nigel to take the main steam pipes away to Induction Pipe Bending at Washington. So Nigel and Ian loaded them up onto the four wheel trolley and took them to his van in Grosmont car park - they just fitted. Back underneath the T2, vacuum pipes and steam heat pipes were disconnected and then the water pipe hoses. These caused a problem as the water valves were jammed in the open position allowing the tender water to flood the pit, but, as Mike and Les were working in the pit underneath the K1, the right hand valve was closed by hitting the operating arm underneath the tender with a hammer. The left one had to be re-coupled. Paul will drain the tender on Tuesday when work should be finished underneath the K1. In the light of this experience, both T2 water valves are clearly in need of overhaul! Two injector rear caps were still to remove. The right rear was succesfully removed after the application of some heat, but the left one is still on - the cap nut has been badly damaged in the past and the spanner just slips round the nut. The right hand rear nut has been put upstairs in the workshop with the other two which were removed a couple of weeks ago. They are on the top right shelf, along with the sealing rings for the main steam pipes.

For the K1, Richard Desadleer and Paul worked on it on Friday when the RH piston packings were gapped, the steam chest pressure gauge was fitted and the last 3 mud hole doors were refurbished and fitted.On Saturday, the 5 (not including Tonk!), filled the boiler, refitted the RH injector steam valve after skimming the valve head and lapping it in, refitted the steam heat valve (again after lapping the valve head in) and associated pipe work, scraped and refitted the RH cross head slippers, refitted the piston packings (both sides), built up a wasted weld to the smoke box door ring, started filling the repaired areas to the back of the tender tank, checked the free movement of the loco steam brake piston and weigh shaft (this involved removing the weigh shaft and brake piston pins, checking that the components moved freely then reassembling) and checked the condition of the loco brake cylinder release valve and spring. The brake checks showed all to be in order except the release valve spring which was weak and is to be replaced.

Although the J27 was rostered for Grosmont Santa trips, it did not do any because of steam heat problems. Seems to have been a problem with the stock rather than the locomotive, but Control took it off and replaced it with Repton. Later though, the J27 heated the dining train and banked it to Goathland.

The next working party will be on the K1 tomorrow (Tuesday 17th) when a steam test will be carried out (Paul is off to light a warming fire this evening), and then as per normal on Wednesday 18th.

Having been to Deviation Shed this evening, Paul has found that the K1 has not been moved out to enable the steam test to be carried out. That means that tomorrow's test has been cancelled and there will be no working party after all. He will now attempt to reschedule the steam test for Thursday (19th) as he is not available on Wednesday, and if anyone would like to join him then please let him know - mobile 07964 988551 after 1800.

So the next working party will be on Wednesday 18th on the T2.