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Friday 20th December 2019


Ian Pearson, Les Harper and I had a mixed day with the K1's steam test yesterday.

On the down side a fizz on one of the smoke box tube plate washout plugs meant that we could not get to full working pressure and test/reset the safety valves.

We did however have enough steam to carry out a function test on everything else, all of which proved to be satisfactory. Whilst the defective plug was disappointing the overall result was not too bad considering the amount of work undertaken since the loco was last steamed.

We were also able to continue filling/preparing the repaired areas to the back of the tender tank, clean the Q6's pistons ready for transporting and had another look at how to remove the Q6's regulator rod. In this regard we found that the crank will not pass through the intermediate regulator rod bracket within the boiler so, in order to remove the rod either the crank will have to come off the rod or the bracket will have to be removed - both cases much easier said than done!

Over the next few days the planned work on the K1 will be as follows;

  1. Tomorrow evening I will go and drain the boiler (it will not be cool enough before then).
  2. On Sunday I will remove the offending plug and do what is necessary to sort it out, refill the boiler and light a warming fire.
  3. On Monday we will carry out a further steam test and test/adjust the safety valves.
  4. The boiler insurance hot exam is booked for Tuesday.

If all goes to plan we might have Wednesday off but the loco will be back in steam next Friday for a light engine test run up the bank to see how the new white metal on the cross heads settled in. If all goes well we then hopefully bank a train to Goathland. The loco should then be available for NYMR service up to and including 01/01/20.