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Thursday 19th December 2019


The wet windy weather had arrived. It was much colder inside than out. Through the day the condensation appeared on the floor and the loco. First job to get the fire lit, then to get some milk for tea.

Arthur Jenkins proudly showed me the result of milling a semi circular surround to the spring hangers for which he’d used the head which others had advised be scrapped earlier in the year. He, John Jones and Maurice Bell were busy in machinists corner all day.

Andy Bell finished measuring the wheel journals and crank pins. Ed Bolam and Colin Smith finished preparing the insides of all the barrel cladding sheets, and primed all but one. Dave Wright, Allan Wilson, Derek Shorton and myself stocked the return rods between the frames, primed he undersides of the con rods and spent much of the afternoon removing the remaining crinoline bands from the boiler barrel. The intention is to use these to make a skeleton on which the cladding sheets could be mounted for preparation and painting of their outsides.

Allan Wilson supplied the festive mince pies. John Jones provided the festive chocolate biscuits.

As we were clearing up to leave there was a lot of knocking from next door and upstairs. We were then visited by a council officer who was investigating problems in the tower for the A1 people. He spent about an hour examining the wooden roof above the changing area and the woodworkers area. He then took a look around the loco and commented that “It has been a real privilege to visit you this afternoon.” Praise indeed from our landlords.


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The overhaul of J72 No 69023 Joem is being supported by a restoration grant from the Association of Industrial Archaeology.