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Home Locomotives K1 62005 K1 Blog Tuesday 24th December 2019

Tuesday 24th December 2019


The K1 had a successful steam test yesterday with Mike Bloomfield, Les Harper and me present. In addition we finished filling the back of the tender tank (and got it painted) and the side rods and wiggly bits were cleaned up and oiled. Angie and I went back over to Grosmont last night to build the back end up and then again this morning to meet the insurance examiner for the insurance hot exam. This went well, we put the engine to bed and got away for 13:00.

The running in day will now be on Saturday and if all goes well the loco will work to Whitby the next day and again on the 1st Jan. It will end up at New Bridge on the evening of the 1st ready for its road move to the GCR on the 3rd. I'll be splitting the engine and tender on the 2nd if anyone would like to join me. Just e-mail me if you want to come along or if you want to come to Grosmont and help to clean the loco on the morning of either of its working days.