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Monday 30th December 2019


Following the K1's insurance hot exam on Christmas eve the loco had a satisfactory day on test/running in on Saturday (Ian Pearson driving, Andrew Jeffery and Richard deSadeleer sharing the firing, Angie and Mike Bloomfield helping with the prep and sorting the contents of the coach out and me generally keeping an eye on the loco.

We were off shed early enough to get a run up the bank and back before the first train. All was well after this so we banked the first train to Pickering, doing about half the work and then brought it back on the front of the train doing most of the work. Again all was well on our return so we banked the next train back up to Goathland doing most of the the work. For this last trip Richard and I got off and have Angie and Mike had a ride out.

The engine performed well throughout the day, the new white metal (both cross heads) got no warmer than normal running temperature. Both piston packings were passing (but both improved with mileage) and there was a very minor leak to the RH cylinder cover (since nipped up).

The loco was passed for further service and worked the Pickering - Whitby charter yesterday during which the piston packings continued to take up but the whistle handle return spring broke. This was repaired last night but a new spring is needed.

The loco is back out again today and is due to work tomorrow and New Years day where it will finish at New Bridge. From there it will be dispatched to the GCR.