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Home News News and announcements J72 returns to Wensleydale Railway

J72 returns to Wensleydale Railway


The J72 arrived back at the Wensleydale Railway after its brief sojourn at the NYMR for the 40th anniversary celebrations.

The J72 enters the Leeming Bar car park - Fred Ramshaw

Following a thorough examination and steam test the J72 will enter service this coming weekend 18th and 19th May. Thanks to the Wensleydale Railway staff for their patience and help in unloading the locomotive.

Positioning for unloading - Fred Ramshaw

Trailer lowered and ramp being built - Fred Ramshaw

Ramp in place ready for winching down - Fred Ramshaw

Lowering on winch - Fred Ramshaw

Down on rails - Fred Ramshaw

Being towed to stabling point - Fred Ramshaw

Last Updated on Tuesday, 14 May 2013 22:54