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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Wednesday 8th January 2020

Wednesday 8th January 2020

A happy New Year to all our readers.

In this, the first Grosmont report for 2020, Ian Pearson reports a fine, mild day at Grosmont on Wednesday with Bill Dobson, Steve Hyman, Ian McCall, and Ian P himself. Jon Bradley joined the team after lunch and Ed Bolam called in after completing his NYMR induction course, as did Martin Lloyd with his grandson who also completed the course. Another welcome visitor was Bob Grey who popped in to say hello and brought some old sheets for cutting into rags.

After Bill had consulted with Barney, he asked if one of the team could hone the inside of the brake cylinder. Ian M took on this job, so, after a cuppa, he went down to the MPD with Bill. The honing equipment was set up and Ian M completed the honing which was checked as OK by Barney. Ian M also cleaned the outside of the brake cylinder which is now ready for a coat of paint. At Deviation Shed, Steve got on with dismantling and cleaning the gauge frames, and clearing out the steam and water passages. He also found one of the gauge glass brass gland rings was missing. A replacement was made by machinist Barry Nessom at the MPD.

Lunch was had around the stove. Then, afterwards, Ian P was down in the pit trying to drill out a split pin on one of the brake cylinder studs, a job later completed by Ian M drilling a new hole in the stud. He also cleaned a lot of rust from around the area where the brake cylinder is to be mounted. Steve, with some assistance from Ian P, dismantled the pressure gauge valve, stripped it down, removed the old gland packing and cleaned the valve. Replacing the gland will be done next week. In the meantime, Jon Bradley gave the J27's tool box a coat of grey undercoat.

The B1 tender will shortly be added to the stock on No 6 Road - it apparently requires some electrical work - and the J27 is back on No 7 Road.

For those wanting to know the latest chapter in the regulator rod removal saga, Bill and Ian P were working at Deviation shed on 5 January trying to remove it. They established it would not come out through the stuffing box hole which is 4" diameter, whilst the crank that operates the regulator in the dome is too large at about 5". It also catches other pipes and brackets. The crank has a key way which was heated and then hammered to try and get it out, but it would not move so this was also abandoned. Bill's alternative idea therefore is to fit a sleeve on the stuffing box end without having to remove the rod at all. This was measured up and a drawing made and sent to Ian Storey for consideration.