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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Saturday 11th January 2020

Saturday 11th January 2020

Ian Pearson reports a grey, windy but mild day at Grosmont yesterday, with Ian Storey, Bill Dobson, Andy Lowes, Bryan Orange with 7 JV's (Adam Dangerfield, Luke Perry, Oliver Barker, James Clark and his Dad, Richard, Matthew Smith, Tom Readman and Findlay Brown) and Ian Pearson himself. Nigel Crisp, who is going to bore out the T2 cylinders was also present. Unfortunately Arthur Jenkins wasn't well enough to attend to give his tuition of workshop practices to the JV's ,due to a leg injury.

With Andy on his own he could only manage to train 4 of the JV's (Adam, James, Findlay and Oliver), 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon.

After the usual cups tea, cleaning jobs were given to our JV's around the cylinders. Lots of carbon to remove where the piston gland packing fits, also just inside the front of the cylinder where a build up of carbon was evident. 2 of the JV's were in the workshop cleaning other piston gland components which were removed some weeks ago. Ian Storey arrived about 11 am with the refurbished steam reversing valve. Ian's main job though was to try and free the regulator crank in the dome. He had brought a special heat gun with him which required borrowing the Oxy and Acetylene bottle from the MPD. Duty fitter, Duncan Jackson, brought this up with the JCB. Ian then set up his burning gun and got on heating the crank arm in the dome. After two attempts of heating it cherry red and hitting it with a hammer it would not move. So this was abandoned and the burning gear returned to the MPD. Ian has another idea of making a device to withdraw the crank arm off the regulator rod. Bill stripped down one of the safety valves and removed the seat and the valve. We have new castings, and when Bill has all the correct dimensions the new castings will be machined. Bill had to leave about 10.30am but came back at lunch time with Zack (the dog), and lunch was had around the stove, with the JV's having theirs up in the MPD mess room.

After lunch, Ian P painted primer under the cab where the steam brake cylinder fits, and also cut a new gasket for the steam reversing valve.

This valve will be to fit next week. He was also keeping an eye on the JV's cleaning jobs. The cylinder boring equipment had been delivered to Deviation Shed on Friday afternoon: two large crates of kit which Nigel Crisp spent yesterday sorting and cleaning ready for when he starts next Saturday. He asked for a brass bush still in situ in the entrance to each cylinder to be removed. However, after scraping some carbon from the ends of these bushes it looks like they are in two halves and a special drift will be needed to remove them to get the boring shaft in .

The J27 remains on No 7 Road inside Deviation shed. It has been winterised. It is awaiting a piston and valve exam, and the steam heating system is to be investigated.