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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Saturday 25th January 2020

Saturday 25th January 2020

Ian Pearson reports a cold dull day at Grosmont yesterday, with Bill Dobson, Nigel Bill, Nigel Crisp and Ian Pearson working on the T2, and Chris Henwood and Trevor Wilford working on the J27. The stove was lit and tea brewed, so a cuppa around the stove and a discussion on how the job of the T2 way shaft movement could best be tackled.

First job was to test the left hand side of the way shaft bearing with a G clamp attached to a long bar, and a measurement taken with a clock gauge showing about 30 thou, while the right hand side had hardly any movement - maybe a couple of thou at most. What was found on the left-hand side was that the housing fitted bolts, of which there are three (see photo) were all loose in the locomotive frames and through into the housing . A bar was then fitted across the frames above the way shaft, with two strops attached to the bar and way shaft. Both housing top caps were removed first. Then it was decided to remove the bottom housing on the left side, as this had the loose fitted bolts. After some time removing very tight fitted split pins (which were awkward to get out standing on the steps in the pit), eventually the three nuts were removed. However, the bolts could not be withdrawn fully as the locomotive wheels were fouling the removal. New fitted bolts will have to be made and holes reamed out. It was suggested that we Jack up the locomotive a couple of inches to allow removal, but this cannot be done while the cylinder boring is under way. So another job on hold until the boring is finished. Nigel Crisp was on the job from early doors yesterday (about 6.30am), boring the right-hand cylinder. He hopes to complete that side next Saturday.

T2 left hand way shaft housing fitted bolts - Ian Pearson.

Lunch for all was held round the stove, accompanied by Zack the dog.

Meanwhile, Trevor and Chris Henwood were working on the J27. Trevor cracked and removed all of the remaining cylinder cover nuts, so the covers are now ready to come off. Chris moved the wooden floor/step sections in the cab, removed the debris from under these, and removed the two foundation ring wash out plugs cab side, followed by the two on the throat plate. The two of them then worked to get rid of a good 3 and a half barrow loads of ash from the smoke box, before Chris removed the

6 wash out plugs from the smoke box. Neal Woods popped in with the replacement valve rings, as well as some used, but good, spares. He also shared information regarding clearances when measuring, and had a general chat about the locomotive with advice on what needs to be done next

The B1 tender has now been put in Deviation Shed pending some electrical work in the near future.

The next T2 working party will be on Wednesday 29 January 2020, with another joint T2/J27 working party on Saturday 1 February. For that, Chris Henwood needs a team to lower the J27 cylinder covers, so please do try to come along and give him your support.