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Home News News and announcements Maurice Burns' Photos from the 40th Anniversary Gala

Maurice Burns' Photos from the 40th Anniversary Gala


The original North Yorkshire Moors Railway founders met the 40th Anniversary train at Ruswarp hauled by the K1.

With the cooperation of Network Rail, the NYMR 40th Anniversary train makes a special stop to greet the three remaining founders of the NYMR. Here watched by their families are Michael Pitts (left), Charlie Hart (centre) whilst NYMR Trust Chairman Murray Brown presents a plaque to Tom Salmon whose idea and forward vision it was to save the Pickering line - Maurice Burns

The plaque presented to Tom Salmon - Maurice Burns

90 year old Charlie Hart, one time signalman at Ruswarp and founder of the NYMR, give the right away for the 40th Anniversary special - Maurice Burns

Newly overhauled Lambton 0-6-0T No 29 pilots K1 62005 with the 40th Anniversary special through Beck Hole on May 1st 2013 - Maurice Burns


The following photographs are from the Gala itself.

B1 61002 Impala (61264) speeds through Lealholm with the 11:00 Whitby to Battersby on May 4th - Maurice Burns

Joem and Gentlemans Saloon pass Green End on May 4th - Maurice Burns

K1 62005 pilots B1 61002 "Impala" though Green End on May 4th - Maurice Burns

K1 62005 crosses Thomson Foss viaduct as it climbs through Beck Hole on a afternoon Pickering train on May 5th - Maurice Burns

On its last day in use on the NYMR before moving to Fort William K1 62005 climbs towards Esk Valley with a morning Pickering train on May 6th - Maurice Burns

NER J72 69023 Joem climbs through Green End with Chris Lawsons NER Gentlemans saloon on May 5th. Sadly the saloon developed a buffer problem on May 9th ans had to be taken out of service - Maurice Burns

Ian Riley's Class 5 45407 working the 11am Whitby to Battersby service on May 11th approaches the attractive station of Commondale with the cutting covered in daffodils and lambs crossing the line. The lamb survived! - Maurice Burns

Newtondale a rarely photographed location is magnificent as these pictures will hopefully show!

B1 4-6-0 No 61002 "Impala" (61264) with the high cliffs of the glacial gorge as a backdrop brings the 10:30 Grosmont to Pickering train towards Needle Point in the heart of Newtondale - Maurice Burns

Viewed from within the pine forest Class 5 44871 climbs from Newtondale Halt towards the summit with the 11:00 Pickering to Grosmont - Maurice Burns

Imaculate B1 4-6-0 No 61306 "Mayflower" descends from Fen Bog past Carters House with the 11:30 Grosmont to Pickering - Maurice Burns

NELPG's K1 2-6-0 No 62005 especially turned to face Grosmont and on its last run over the NYMR prior to movement to Fort William brings the 12:00 Pickering to Grosmont train past Carter's house - Maurice Burns

The size of an A4 pacific No 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley is dwarfed by the Newtondale Gorge as it brings the 14:30 Grosmont Pickering train down from the summit , banked by B1 61002 Impala (61264)- Maurice Burns

Perhaps the most spectacular and rarely seen view of any preserved railway in Britain shows Class 5 4-6-0 No 44871, with the matching blood and custard set of coaches, climbing past Carter's House in the heart of the twisting Newtondale Gorge and perhaps this view was the driving reason why Tom Salmon, founder of the NYMR, was so passionate about saving the Grosmont to Pickering line - Maurice Burns

Lambton Tank No 29 heading through the forest section on only its second day in use 11th May 2013 - Maurice Burns

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