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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Saturday 8th February 2020

Saturday 8th February 2020

Ian Pearson reports a fine sunny day at Grosmont yesterday, with the wind getting up later in the afternoon. A large number of volunteers were present, with Chris Henwood, Paul Hutchinson, Neal Woods, Nigel Dyson, and Trevor Wilford working mainly on the J27, while Nigel Crisp was busy all day boring the left-hand cylinder on the T2. Ian arrived later in the morning, delayed because of having to have a puncture repaired. Arthur Jenkins and Andy Lowes were training four JV's during the morning and afternoon in the machine shop on workshop practices under the control of Bryan Orange. Three more JV's with one Dad spent all day cleaning T2 hand hole and mud hole doors, and also wash out plugs. The final JV and his Dad cleaned and painted the tender way shaft down at the MPD, and also cleaned and painted the tender way shaft housings in the workshop. Ian had a go at removing back head plugs from the cab but only managed to remove two as they were so tight. But Paul Hutchinson came along from the J27 to help, and managed, with great difficulty, to remove the other nine. There are still two at the bottom of the throat plate to remove, so a job for next time. The steam brake cylinder can now be brought up from the MPD next week. Nigel Crisp is coming in today (Sunday) to continue boring the left-hand cylinder and hopes to complete the task next Saturday. Lunch was had around the stove and the JV's had theirs in the MPD mess room.

On the J27, Trevor Wilford spent the day removing carbon for the cylinder covers: these are now immaculate. Nigel Dyson removed the old valve gasket and the sealing faces of the cylinders, as well as wire brushing the studs. He then did a similar job on the safety valve and whistle bosses. Neal Woods completely serviced the whistle, and was on hand for advice as Chris Henwood continued with the back head exam. Paul Hutchinson completely greased and generally lubricated the brake rigging, and then adjusted the loco brakes.