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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Saturdaay 15th February 2020

Saturdaay 15th February 2020

Ian Pearson reports that Deviation Shed received a battering from Storm Dennis at Grosmont yesterday. Chris Henwood, Neal Woods, Trevor Wilford, Nigel Crisp and Ian himself made it through the rain and wind, with Bill calling in briefly in the morning and afternoon. He asked Neal to take the cylinder cock valves back to Darlington for machining, which Neal did. Nigel was in early, boring the left hand cylinder which he completed by 3pm. Nigel will be back next Saturday to hone both cylinders, remove the boring machine, and put all the kit back in the two packing boxes so they can be returned to the MPD. The only other job to report on the T2/Q6 is that the last two plugs from the throat plate were removed by Chris. Lunch was had around the stove while the rain hammered down and tin sheets rattled .

Steady progress was made on the J27. Trevor cleaned all but two of the doors and all of the washout plugs ready for inspection and and then refitting. Neal Woods finished preparing the right hand valve, and, in the afternoon the valve was got back in the liner and fitted, for which many thanks to Neal for his assistance. In doing so, Chris nipped and cut his right middle finger. His finger was cleaned, treated and a plaster applied at the MPD office. It was reported to Paul Middleton and an accident report form filled in. Chris was OK and returned to his work on the J27. Bryan Orange has been informed.

Chris finished boxing up the cab (bar the small ejector valve, of which Neal has taken the spindle away for a replacement to be ordered from M Machine) following the back head exam. He has begun removing the cab windows as they need some TLC and if anybody wants to take them on and do them as a project that would be a great help - contact Chris if interested.