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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Wednesday 19th February 2020

Wednesday 19th February 2020

Ian Pearson reports a fine cold frosty morning with rain after lunch at Grosmont yesterday, with Steve Hyman, Ed Bolam, Ian McCall, Neil Smedley, Nigel Bill (who was on a course in the MIC room until lunchtime), Chris Henwood, Chris Wakefield, Bill Dobson and Ian himself.

The first job of the day started in the car park on arrival, unloading one of the T2 piston heads onto a trolley from Nigel's van, by Ian P, Steve and Bill. It was then taken to the MPD where Phil Naylor may make a pattern from it. Then, not been long in the workshop, just having a cuppa, when the lifting equipment inspector arrived. All our lifting slings, shackles, jacks and hoist, along with our pull lift which was quarantined six months ago, passed the examination and are OK to use.

All lifting equipment is now colour coded RED. There was quite a lot of water in the pit that morning and it was nearly lunch time before it was empty.

A sleeve made by Ian Storey was fitted comfortably onto the T2 regulator rod but it is still to be welded in situ. Ian M cleaned and greased the inside of the tender weigh (apologies for previous inorrect spelling!) shaft housings, and also gave the flange a coat of primer. Ed Nolan cleaned and oiled the T2 tube plate and also cleaned both cylinder covers. Neil cleaned the two remaining top doors from the J27 and they were returned to the locomotive with the rest of the doors and plugs. He also cleaned all 19 of the T2 boiler plugs. On the domestic front, Neil also brought some clean tea towels, a new bowl for washing up, and cleaned all of our pots and tea pot, which are now sparkling. The steam brake piston, rings and cover were brought up from the MPD to Deviation Shed, and the ring grooves cleaned out in readiness for fitting the rings and fitting the piston into the cylinder. After the rings were fitted to the piston head, the inside of the cylinder and rings were given a coat of steam oil and the piston was lowered into the cylinder.

To everyone's amazement it went in without much trouble. Lunch was had around the stove, which didn't get lit until 10.45.

After lunch, with a combined effort, the cylinder was moved into position on the bridge over the pit, and a beam laid across from the loco cab to tender. With the pull lift attached to the beam and two slings around the cylinder, it was lifted up off the bridge which was then removed, our new lifting jack wheeled under the cylinder, and the cylinder lowered onto the jack. It was then wheeled into position and the cylinder raised up onto the studs, the nuts and washers were fitted, and then tightened up. These still need flogging up and the end cover needs fully securing, but the brake cylinder is on. Steve removed both top housings on the locomotive reversing weigh shaft and, with help from Ian P and Nigel, the weight of the weigh shaft was supported with a long bar and slings. The aim is to remove both bottom brasses.

Meanwhile, up on the J27, Chris Wakefield removed the fireman side cab windows. Steve Hyman brought a small ejector spindle, but without the valve, so this will be lapped in and fitted at a later date. The two Chris's then removed the left hand valve cover, and cleaned the gasket off the face. Chris H then refitted the four studs surrounding the cylinders that had come loose when removing the cylinder covers themselves, and then fully prepared all four faces, which are now protected with oil. Barney will provide two copper gaskets for the valve covers, at which point all four covers and associated lubrication pipework can be fitted. Chris H did a similar job to the safety valve and whistle bosses, and made a new gasket for the whistle.

With it being half term holiday week, there were quite a few visitors round the Shed today, including my wife and myself with our three grandchildren, following a walk up Roseberry Topping. Eldest granddaughter being a Badger in St John's Ambulance, she did the monthly defibrillator check.