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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Saturday 22nd February 2020

Saturday 22nd February 2020

Ian Pearson reports that on Friday morning, he and Bill Dobson went to Grosmont and loaded the T2 cylinder head back into Nigel Bill’s van to go back to Ian Storey's for refitting back onto the piston rod. The cylinder heads have been confimed as being steel rather than iron, so are now going to Flavell Engineering for welding. Conveniently Nigel Bill was on a course at Grosmont.

Today it was a fine cold morning driving to Grosmont with speed cameras in operation at Scaling Dam for those coming from Teesside. Strong winds and heavy showers on going through out the day, with only Bill Dobson ,Trevor Wilford, Nigel Crisp and Ian himself at Grosmont today.

Nigel removed all the boring equipment and repacked it into the storage crates ready for removal back to the MPD. He then honed each cylinder and completed the job by early afternoon. Piglet came in and inspected the cylinders and gave them the thumbs up. Bill could only spend an hour on site, so Trevor and Ian decided to clear both side of the bench which is situated around the buffer stop at the north end of No 8 Road. After removal of scrap from around the buffers, lots of nuts, bolts and washers were moved into the workshop along with a large box of J27 bits.

Two old metal trestle legs were found among the rubbish under the bench and these were welded onto the top of the buffer rails, making two uprights to support the bench top. Eventually the bench top was unbolted and moved round to the other side of the buffers and put onto the uprights before time ran out - this project will have to be completed next time. Trevor and Ian had lunch around the stove.