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Home Locomotives K1 62005 K1 Blog Friday 28th February 2020

Friday 28th February 2020


We had a good turn out for last Saturday's working party - 7 of us in attendance.

We prepared the loco for tyre turning,  inspecting and measuring the clearances in the coupling rod bushes as we went along. Unfortunately both intermediate bushes we loose in the rods so they will have to be replaced. One other (LL) bush requires remetaling and the RH gradient pin bush needs to be replaced. In addition the side to side clearances on the leading and trailing crank pins are a little excessive so all of the associated thrust rings will be replaced before the rods are put back up. The speedo drive and bracket were also removed (and cleaned) in prep for tyre turning.

In addition to the above we removed the concrete arch, removed the RH injector steam valve so that the spindle can be replaced and replaced the spacer behind the regulator handle securing nut as the old one was not quite thick enough.

We would have done more but the weather was not on our side so we had a relatively early finish at around 16:00.

The engine and tender were moved on to the ground lathe on Monday morning. Angie and I had intended being around for the whole tyre turning operation but the weather had other ideas. Our normal two and a half hour journey from home to Carnforth took 6 hours, during which we encountered snow and once over the Pennies (on the A65 as the 66 was shut) floods. The upshot was that we missed the first couple of cuts in the first coupled wheel set to be turned - not really a big deal.

The rest of the tyre turning was carried out without issue and was completed by mid day, Thursday. During this time Angie did a few minor jobs to the loco and coach. Thankfully our journey home yesterday afternoon was straightforward with very little snow left over Stainmore.

The next working party on the K1 will be tomorrow when, amongst other things, we will be preparing the trailing coupled wheel set for removal for attention to the back boxes.