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Home Locomotives K1 62005 K1 Blog Sunday 1st March 2020

Sunday 1st March 2020


Another good turn out at Carnforth yesterday with 7 of us working on the K1.

The trailing coupled wheel set is now ready to be dropped out - both springs, rear brake pull rods, the axle box wedge adjuster cotters and the hopper door linkage have been removed, the flexi axle box lub pipes have been disconnected and the hornstays have been left on just two vertical bolts each. All parts removed have been cleaned and marked up. The leading and driving axle boxes have also been packed.

A start was also made on replacing the tender brake linkage pins.

West Coast will drop the trailing wheel set out during the week and our next working party will be next Saturday when there will be plenty to do. I will not be there (short break in Bruges for Angie's birthday (might even take her with me if she is good)) but if you would like to attend, and you have not already let me know, then please e-mail me at this address before 18:00 Tuesday or text me on 07964988551 at any time.