North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group

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Saturday 7th March 2020

Ian reports a fine day at Grosmont yesterday with Bill Dobson, Chris Henwood, Nigel Bill, and Ian Pearson.

Stove was lit, kettle put on, and a plan of action discussed over the usual cuppa. Bill could only stop a short while, but he managed to repack the T2 regulator and connect the follower onto the housing. Nigel cleaned the T2 dome copper seal and annealed it. Ian, Nigel and Chris then hauled the rather heavy dome cover up onto the top of the boiler with some assistance from another attendee. With the cover balancing on the studs, Chris and Ian moved the dome into position ready for securing down, which was then done by Ian and Nigel.

Chris then did some work on the J27, firstly removing a brass strip from one of the windows. This was loose due to the screws becoming slack in the timber frame, causing the brass strip to belly out and making it difficult to open and close, and causing some damage. Chris has taken the window home to repair, the glass is stored upstairs. He then lapped in and fitted the valve head on the J27s' ejectors shut off valve. A survey of the J27 spark arrester was also done by Chris. It is in a poor state, but these jobs take a while to make up and fit. Back on the T2, Nigel and Ian were connecting the tender brake shafts and hand brake connection back up, along with the coupling that joins the weigh shaft to the steam brake and also the brake rod on the loco to the steam brake coupling.

Lunch was had around the stove. Bill popped back in later in the afternoon and gave some assistance with fitting the brake rod on the loco. We all had an early finish due to Saturday evening commitments in Darlington, leaving by 15. 45 .