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Home Locomotives Q6 63395 (NER T2 2238) Q6 Blog Saturday 14th March 2020

Saturday 14th March 2020

Ian reports a cold, wet, dismal, morning at Grosmont yesterday, but drying up later with Bill Dobson, Nigel Bill, Nigel Dyson and Ian himself. Also in attendance was Bryan Orange with 10 Junior Volunteers plus one dad, and Andy Lowes and Arthur Jenkins training the JV's down in the machine shop.

Bill checked out and adjusted the T2 refurbished cylinder cock valves which Arthur had brought with him from Hopetown. Bill had to leave early but left a job list.  Both Nigels set about fitting the cylinder cocks. The four outside ones were fitted and tightened up parallel, but, unfortunately, the centre four would not tighten up parallel. They need copper washers to fit the valves, but as is often the case, the right sizes were not available. Arthur was given the measurements of what was required and may have to go to M Machine to get them made.

At 10am, the JV's were given a safety briefing by NYMR's Safety Officer, John Arnold, in the MIC room. Back on the job, three JV's were sent to clean the mud hole and hand hole doors on the J27, while another two were sent into the T2's firebox to clean the tube plate and roof stay nuts. Later on, during the morning, two ex JV's, Messrs Houseman and Sutcliffe, came in and offered their services. They therefore removed most of the slide bar bolt split pins. The split pins proved very stubborn to remove on both sides, with the last two having to be removed by Ian with a struggle.

Lunch was had around the stove with Arthur and Andy, while the JV's had theirs in the MPD mess room.

After lunch, a group of JV's set off cleaning the J27 wheels, boiler and frames, with some underneath in the pit cleaning grease from the springs and frames. In the T2 firebox after lunch, another pair of JV's took over cleaning the roof stay nuts and the tube plate. Later on during the afternoon, Ian and Nigel B had a go at removing the left-hand side tender underkeeps, only to find they could only remove the trailing one. That looked OK. The other two would not pull out. The centre cover was found to have had a repair done in the past, with two small bolts holding a retaining bracket which is where one of the main cover bolts fit. This bracket has two small bolts which retain it to the main casting, but one of the small bolts has sheared. The bracket was given to Arthur to drill out the sheared bolt at Hopetown and return next week.

Subject to any changes in Government guidance on movement, the next working party will be on Wednesday 18 March 2020. In the meantime, please follow the Government’s guidelines, stay healthy, and I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday.