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Saturday 7th March 2020


Unfortunately Saturday's working party on the K1 had to be cancelled as the coach could not be moved out of the coach repair shed over the weekend and along with our tools, spares etc, was therefore not accessible.

Angie and I did, however, go over to Carnforth yesterday to examine the trailing wheel set and axle boxes with a view to deciding on the work required. Before we could carry out the examination we cleaned and stripped the auxiliary components from the axle boxes. The end float was then checked before the boxes were lifted from the wheel set. This was found to be satisfactory, with the total side to side clearances being only marginally over spec.

Upon removal the bearing surfaces were examined. While the boss faces were found to be in satisfactory order there was, as expected, some wear to the white metal to the bearing shells. While the crowns were still good, wear was evident around the thrusts. Both shells are therefore to be remetaled under contract by West Coast - work started on this today.

The 'T' hanger pins and bushes were also examined and found to be in order

The next working parties on the K1 will be on Friday and Saturday this week. The main areas of work will be cleaning the various bits relating to the trailing wheel set that we did not clean yesterday, refitting the steam heat valve (which has had a new stainless steel seat fitted by Steve Andrews) continuing replacing the tender brake linkage pins, adjusting the centre ash pan hopper door, preparing the boiler for washout/exam and replacing the front grate side bearer.

If you would like to join us on either, or both, day(s) then please let me know by e-mail at this address or by text on 07964988551.

As mentioned earlier the coach is currently in West Coast's repair shop. Most of the work (being carried out by West Coast under contract) is concentrated on number 2 end where the crash pillars have been exposed and repaired, the associated structural floor panel replaced. One of the door pillars and about half of the end panel have also been replaced.

Elsewhere the seal has been replaced to the centre compartment window, a number of minor body repairs are being undertaken and preparations are otherwise well underway for an external repaint.

Unfortunately, following my earlier appeals I have had only one offer of help for the work that I had hoped we could do to the coach this winter. Much of this work will therefore be deferred.

Finally I mentioned earlier that Steve Andrews has put a new stainless seat into the K1's steam heat valve. He has also repaired our cross head splitting gear but as we have allowed the B1's tender into Dev Shed has not charged us for either job. The total cost of the work Steve has carried out for us should be several hundred pounds so I think we can consider the fee for use of Dev Shed to be well and truly paid - many thanks Steve!