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Thursday 5th March 2020


A cold frosty start. 13 of us turned up. John Jones has returned after his bad back problem.

Arthur soon had the fire going. Tim Williamson, Ed Bolam and myself soon had the buffer beam back on, warming up for Allan Wilson’s 10:00 tea.

We had a visit from the scrap man, so now the scrap corner is a little tidier. He brought us an extra bin for swarf.

The boiler access scaffold has been dismantled and the boiler is ready to go – Nigel Hall


Tim and Norman Wells spent the day checking the cylinder casting against a couple of drawings. The castings need to be turned over to continue the process next week. Ed, John and myself dismantled the boiler access scaffold. Derek Shorton and Allan cut up some more firewood. Colin Smith extracted the gudgeon pins from the connecting rods and fitted them into the crossheads. As we cannot now understand what was required to lap these in the job was abandoned. Colin cleaned up the guard irons. Machinists corner was busy as usual.

Tim Williamson and Norman Wells checking the cylinder casting dimensions against a drawing – Nigel Hall

As lunch time approached, Arthur went to the wash room to sing happy birthday for 20 minutes.

After lunch Norman showed me what he had been able to capture of the project schedule and asked for assistance identifying certain tasks. Whilst we were in the mess room, Gordon Best arrived to check on the loco for a GA drawings that he was making and to collect some cylinder bolts for drawing. Tim didn’t know which bolts he was to draw, so Gordon went away empty handed. Sorry Gordon. Ed undercoated another cladding sheet, I managed to rub down and apply a first coat of varnish to the cab hatch. Colin Bowman arrived and has now managed to clear the brambles all the way along the Hopetown Lane wall. He did remark that spring had arrived and the blighters were starting to emerge from the ground again.

Ed Bolam, Derek Shorton and Harry Sams with a newly undercoated cladding sheet in the foreground – Nigel Hall

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