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Thursday 12th March 2020


Still a good turn out on a breezy cold morning, though one absentee with a bad cold. After the fire was lit and Arthur’s latest load of pine logs was warming through the building, we pushed on with a few jobs before morning tea arrived.

Not a lot of work to do. As the keys had been extracted from the gudgeon pins on Monday night, these were lapped in to the cross heads. Ed managed t get a coat of undercoat on the last of the boiler cladding sheets. The access tower bits were brought back to the changing corner and reassembled. The machinists continued with the spring hanger and Q6 drain cocks. More firewood was cut. More brambles were cut back.

Bryan Orange joined us in the mess room at lunch time. The Wednesday’s Northern Echo article was raised: , and the remarkable generosity of Darlington Borough Council, as reported, was noted.

After lunch Nigel, Bryan, Arthur and Norman Wells spent the afternoon discussing Hopetown related safety issues.

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