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COVID-19 Resumption of Working Parties


The NELPG board consider that it is feasible for some working parties to resume within the COVID-19 restrictions. Volunteers wishing to make themselves available again should familiarise themselves with the information below, and with the documents on the matter under the Volunteers->COVID-19 menu.

  1. The NELPG Board has produced a series of control measures, which will allow the resumption of official working parties. The control measures have been based on a Covid-19 risk assessment carried out in line with HSE guidance.
  2. Any working volunteers, who are willing to be rostered (see below), are asked to make themselves known to Ian Pearson (mobile 07956 119 932 for Grosmont roster) and Paul Hutchinson (mobile 07964 988 551 for Carnforth roster). Working parties will resume only at these two sites for the moment.
  3. Working parties will be in limited numbers (probably no more than 4 or 5 individuals), to ensure that control measures are effective.
  4. The Responsible Officer (RO) will decide, from the volunteers available, who will be rostered for each working party. Decisions on the rosters will depend on the nature of the planned work and the skills of the available volunteers. No volunteer should appear at a working party, unless specifically rostered for that day. There will be no choice but to turn away non-rostered volunteers.
  5. All rostered volunteers must take care to follow and continually review the Government guidance in respect of the virus, which can be found at:
  6. Anyone categorised as “clinically vulnerable” (often referred to as “70, or over”, but younger people can be in this category) must take particular care to follow the guidance and must not put themselves, or others, at risk. At the time of writing, this group is advised to “take particular care to minimise contact with others”, but please ensure that you continually review the latest guidance, because it may change.
  7. Anyone categorised as “clinically extremely vulnerable” (often referred to as “shielded”), must not attend working parties.
  8. Volunteers will have sight of the risk assessment and control measures and must satisfy themselves that risks to themselves are sufficiently mitigated.
  9. At Carnforth and at Grosmont we must also comply with the site-specific requirements imposed by WCRC and the NYMR respectively. These requirements will be made available to volunteers.
  10. When travelling to and from working parties, volunteers must follow Government guidance. This means that there should be no car sharing, except by members of the same household, similarly with the Company van. There will be a separate set of control measures for the van.

Roy Marshall
(for the NELPG Board)

Last Updated on Saturday, 31 July 2021 21:20