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Saturday 27th June 2000


There were working parties over Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on the K1 this week with 2 of us in attendance on Tuesday and 4 each on Wednesday and Thursday.

Satisfactory progress was made over the 3 days, the main jobs undertaken being completion of the drilling, reaming and tapping new rear fuseable plug hole and fitting the bung to the original hole (this was then caulked by Johnny Haddow from West Coast), finishing painting out the crew and tool lockers on the tender, competing the installation of the new GSMR charging point, glossing the trailing coupled wheels, refitting the coupling rods, con rods and return cranks/eccentric rods, refitting the speedo bracket, filling the boiler up, casting a new concrete arch and competing a few minor fitting jobs. It was a touch on the warm side to be doing some of these jobs but we were glad to be able to get on and do them.

Yesterday the engine and tender were shunted outside by West Coast with the main draw bar pin been fitted by Rolly (who is now back at work for West Coast) in the process.

Next week there will be working parties on Monday (when the plan is to bag up the engine and tender, complete a few remaining minor fitting jobs, thoroughly check the engine and tender over and light it up late afternoon), Tuesday (steam test including resetting safety valves and OTMR/TPWS annual tests), Thursday (deal with any issues found on Tuesday) and Friday (mainline functional exam). As the tyres have been turned the speedo needs to be recalibrated and this will hopefully be done before Friday (by West Coast).

If you would like to attend any of next weeks working parties then please let me know by e-mail to this address or by text on 07964988551. I will then get back in touch with you to confirm your attendance etc. As with the Grosmont working parties, please do not just turn up.

In addition to the work on the loco I am still working on the Covid 19 control measures for Fort William depot and for working the Jacobite. For various reasons that I won’t go in to here you with here, this is taking a little longer than I had anticipated but I do hope to have the drafts circulated to those who need to see them shortly.